The first ED-TECH Startup Studio focus on Latin America


About Briid

Briid is a startup studio that aims to create ed-tech companies. It is more than an incubator or a VC firm. We build great companies from scratch using our own ideas and resources. We are hands-on entrepreneurs.

About Startup Studios

"Think of it as a factory for startups. Instead of trying to create a single startup, a startup studio tries to achieve economies of scale by building multiple startups using a shared network of resources, staff, investment, and management. And unlike accelerators, incubators, or venture capital firms, startup studios don’t support the growth and scaling of existing startups, they largely develop their own from scratch."

Shyaam Ramkumar

Why Ed-tech in Latin America?

Global Trend

Global investments in education technology, commonly known as edtech, will reach $252 billion by 2020.

Big Market

Latin America is now the fourth largest edtech market in the world

Mobile Adoption

Latin America is a world leader in mobile adoption, with more than 415 million people connected to a mobile network. That is driving endless edtech opportunities

Online Education

According to UNESCO, more than 12 million adults in 20 Latin American countries are participating in some form of online education.

E-learning Market

The global e-learning market is growing over 14% annually, and this growth rate is likely to continue. In Latin America the expectations for the e-learning market is to generate revenues of over $3 billion by 2023.

New solutions are required

There are still many challenges to provide high-quality, accessible education across Latin America. The majority of children in Latin America do not receive a high-quality education. According to the Worldfund, approximately 22.2 million children and adolescents in Latin America are not in school or are at risk of dropping out of school each year.

A Studio like no other

The best-kept secret in the world for ed-tech

Briid will be the first ed-tech startup studio focus in Latin America markets, creating 15 ed-tech companies in the next 5 years, providing a good ROI to our investors while generating an important contribution to the education of the region

Our studio will be located in Costa Rica the perfect beachhead market to test ed-tech startups that later will conquer the Latin American markets.

Briid will start operations in 2020. Of you are interest in get involve do not hesitate in contact us.

Ready to transform Latin America?

If you want to help us transform the future of Latin America creating the companies our region needs do not hesitate to contact us

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The first ED-TECH Startup Studio focus on Latin America